On the Pastures of Pursuit

by Sreyash Sarkar


Lyrics for Magnolia, too

As the beats of summer

Went down

Went down in Sorbonne

We were together

We were together

In the shades

Of perplexity

And magnolia too.

Talking of death

What would

What would indeed

Happen after that

The aroma, heavy

Wafted about

Wafted about

To tell stories to

Our senses.

We listened

We listened

In the sunset glow

And magnolia too.

There were many

Madmen, in company

Madmen, in company

In a distressed summer

Drops of us

Drops of us

On the fountain

And magnolia too.

Leaves fluttered,

Strums of a dusky

Strums of a dusky

Love, under wraps

Put away

Put away

In a breath, afflicted.

And magnolia too.

And I saw

And I saw

The train of life

Curling towards us

In a fallen poem

In a fallen poem

At an inauspicious hour.

The Optical Symphony

I heard the light in all its jubilance:

The tunes, like recuerdos of a passing feast,

The notes, that lingered in the stairs

Encrusted in uncouth undulation,

Lay words deceived and afflicted.

Rhapsodical moments crossed woods

Left their ethereal motion

Under shadowed trees,

Bitten words afloat in the air

Disappeared in the land of magpies;

And cotton trees made their roots

Through untrodden paths.

My audibility looked upon in solitude-

An illuminated world waited in distress

An extracted existence amidst grandiosity.

An incised tongue, I shall affix

Under the stairs,

Away from the sun,

To arouse extinct desires

To arouse forgotten words

To arouse a deluge...

With fingers on the flute,

The cowherd shall play on,

And I shall see how...

Avian words can etherize trees...

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