Why the United States should Apply an Offshore Balancing Foreign Policy Toward Europe


Daniel Raddenbach

 University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire

Interventionist Cold War policy toward Europe has not essentially changed from the end of World War II until today, especially with the resurgence of an aggressive Russia led by Vladimir Putin. This paper debates two of the most prominent potential foreign policy approaches that the U.S. could adopt in response to these challenges: Offshore Balancing and Neoconservatism.









Nutrition Education in a Low-Income Middle School Setting Increases Students’ Smart Beverage Choices


Liana Rodrigues

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

What can we relearn from a nutrition intervention among middle school students? With so many unhealthy food choices available, it is our duty to make sure that healthy food options are available for children. We found that nutrition education intervention in a low-income middle school can influence the beverage choices of the students positively, although general nutrition knowledge did not seem to increase.








Non-Suicidal Self-Injury on YouTube: A Content and Comment Analysis


Nathan Lowry and Carol Ewert

Iona College

Non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI), such as cutting or burning oneself without suicidal intent, is a prevalent public health issue that affects millions of teenagers and young adults each year. There has been a normalization of NSSI through YouTube videos, which may reinforce NSSI behaviors. This paper examines issues of risk for NSSI as a result of watching YouTube NSSI videos.








Inadequate America


Brittany Knuteson

Madison Area Technical College

America is said to be a land of opportunity where if people work hard and dream big, they can accomplish anything. However, this classic view of America has all but diminished as income inequality has weathered the economic well-being of society. How to explain that the wealthiest 1% of Americans own 40% of the nation’s total wealth? Statistics prove bothersome as we look ahead to a rather bleak future with little hope that working hard will result in higher income.

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