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A Sliding Scale: Nuclear Proliferation Among States


Jessica Liu

University of Maryland, College Park

Despite the end of the Cold War, nuclear proliferation has remained a pressing concern to the international community. A study of the factors which contribute to states’ push for nuclear weapons offers a predictive model for future and past proliferation.








Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing: An Analysis on the Role of the United Nations during the Bosnian War


Iman Zekri

Florida Gulf Coast University

The United Nation’s efforts to avert and control the Yugoslavian conflict in the 1990’s received major criticism for its inability to prevent the Bosnian Genocide. A closer analysis of the regional and global power structures offers a more nuanced and accurate account of the limiting factors present in curtailing the conflict.









Educating the Outsiders: The Importance of Social Support in the Success of Latino Undocumented Students


Emily Adkins

Eastern Kentucky University

Students living in the United States, who lack social security numbers or other proper documentation present a difficult and unique problem for our education system. These students are often pushed to the periphery, and require tailored support networks to ensure they are allowed into the mainstream of society.

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